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"Break It Down"

 I hope you enjoy these additional resources and references that compliment my book, LIPSTICK FOOTBALL. They provide opportunities for you to learn, take action and have fun! 


This journal is a perfect companion to the LIPSTICK FOOTBALL book! Each page has a subtle reminder of one of the principles, prompting you to reflect on how you can use it to achieve your goals. The journal contains 134 lined pages. As I said in Chapter 6, "You can't manage what you don't monitor." Write down your dreams and goals, then start tracking them!


If you don't enjoy following the numbers to see who​ made the NFL playoffs, download this chart to guide you.

Remember – the team that did the best in the AFC and NFC Conferences, is the #1 seed. They get to skip a week and rest up before they enter the playoffs. The other seeds, #2 to #7, play against each other. The higher seed, #2, plays the lowest seed, #7. Seed #3 plays #6, and seed #4 plays #5.  


I love cracked marbles. They inspire me, with their tiny pathways, to do some "cracking" of my own—to break down complex tasks into small doable steps. I even like to carry a marble in my pocket to remind me I have options. 

If you haven't actually cracked a marble since childhood, watch this video by TrollFaceTheMan for easy how-to steps. (For you science geeks, he also explains why this happens around three minutes in.) You can purchase un-cracked marbles here.

Hummingbird Whisperer

In Chapter 3 of my book, I talk about the Immerse principle and share the story of how I really learned about hummingbirds. It wasn't from researching them online. It was by spending time with someone knowledgable and absorbing the experience using all of my senses.  

Here's a video of that experience. To this day, I can still feel the little gusts of wind their tiny wings created on my hand. That's immersion! For a better view, click the Full Screen button on the lower right of the video frame.


As I mention in chapter 3 of my book, your goal is to get your dream into the end zone. What better touchstone to use for your dream than your very own football. Here's the thing... You are unique. I want you to find the right football for the size of your hand. Check out this Junior size football. I'm 5'4" and it fits my hand pretty well.


"Dress for success" is a real thing! You feel more confident when you're dressed for a role. Remember the experiment I referenced in chapter 3? People who wore a white lab coat during an intelligence test actually scored higher. I tried it and it works! Want to be a test bunny? Try it yourself. But first, watch this NPR interview with the author of the study.


Check out this cool online NFL map created by Sport League Maps. You can scroll in the box to see a list of NFL teams. If there's a team in your area, go to their website and look for their game schedule. 


Wanna get in the game? Grab a friend, and your "Goldilocks" football, then head outside and practice throwing and catching the ball. Don't forget to use the diamond catch for a high ball and the cross catch for a low grab.  


Want to throw a spiral? Watch as Danny Luetzen learns from Univ. of No. Dakota Assistant Coach and former quarterback Danny Freund.


When you watch football on TV, you'll often see colorful virtual lines on the field. They are there to help you track your team's progress more easily as the players move down the field.


To see other ways to monitor a team’s progress on the field, scroll to the bottom of SportsMEDIA Technology's Home page and watch their Highlight Reel to see their virtual line system in action.



Here's a flicker play. The ball is hiked to the quarterback who tosses it, like a hot potato, to a running back just behind him. The running back runs forward a few steps and then throws the ball back to the quarterback who has now dropped back behind the running back. At that point, the QB throws the ball downfield to a receiver or sneaks in a short run. 

To see some flea flicker plays, check out this YouTube video:


An audible is an aural signal given at the line of scrimmage for the purpose of signaling when to hike the ball and start the play. Sometimes a play revision is included. If you listen closely, you might hear a combination of numbers, colors, or even cities or names in some combination to form the audible.

To hear a variety of audibiles, check out this YouTube video:



In Chapter 7 of LIPSTICK FOOTBALL, I cover some basic running plays and passing routes. There are tons more—some are new and some have been around for years.

If you want to “dive” into more running plays, check these out on Wikipedia:

Screen Shot 2021-09-18 at 4.22.14 PM.png


There are so many fabulous Super Bowl ads that have been created over the years. Here are a few I mentioned in LIPSTICK FOOTBALL:


Secret Ad:

Katie Sowers Ad:

Screen Shot 2021-09-18 at 5.09.46 PM.png


When you repeat a phrase over and over, it builds belief in your overall ability, When a football team chants "We're #1," it's not prepping players for skilled physical moves. It's creating a mental zone of positive expectation which is a good place to begin a game—or any task, for that matter.

To get a feeling for some pregame chants, check out this YouTube video:


in Chapter 9 of LIPSTICK FOOTBALL, I mention several women who have put a crack or two in the professional football glass ceiling. I also mention two women's professional football leagues . Check out the leagues here:

Women's Football Alliance

Women's National Football Conference

Women's Football Alliance
Women's National Football Conference


These are the books I referenced throughout LIPSTICK FOOTBALL. They are enlightening and motivating. I highly recommend them.

How video works

And a little something for the geeks at heart...

Using the same "crack the marble" approach I used in LIPSTICK FOOTBALL, my co-author Vance Piccin and I use simple easy-to-understand language to break down How Video Works: From Broadcast to the Cloud.

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