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Want to take control of your Action Evolution?

In Chapter 9 of my book, LIPSTICK FOOTBALL, I talk about the importance of developing habits and routines that serve you well. To create better habits, you have to monitor your Action Evolution—or how your feelings evolve into thoughts, morph into what you say, and finally into what you actually do.

If you're not happy with the outcome of that cycle, you need to tune up your Action Evolution.


In the "I Love You...But"exercise,

you will learn to:

  • Monitor one aspect of the Action Evolution—your words 

  • Focus on one word in particular—"but" 

  • Track how that word might be blocking you from getting what you want 

  • Discover the solution for a better outcome 

  • Set your Action Evolution on a different course 


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About Diana Weynand

Creator of the LIPSTICK FOOTBALL Method

Diana Weynand is an author and speaker who uses a bootcamp-style approach to her trainings and life coaching. After playing on and managing a women's tackle football team, Diana wanted to share her passion and unique vision for the value of football with those who don’t have football in their DNA. Diana teaches “football for the rest of us.” In her work as a media consultant on the cutting edge of technology, she acquired a unique ability to develop alternative methods of training, which led her to identify the 8 game-changing principles she discusses in her book.

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