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Achieve the Impossible—Fact or Fiction?


When obstacles block you from your goals, should you walk off the field and give up on your aspirations, your hopes and dreams?

No, you learn the game of football—and apply some LIPSTICK. 


LIPSTICK FOOTBALL is an exciting new goal-busting method created by Diana Weynand, who has taken her on-the-field experience as a football player, manager and lifelong fan and applied it to the game of life.


Weynand uses LIPSTICK as an acronym for 8 game-changing principles that provide a necessary foundation to take choice-driven action and ensure a path to success. 

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By adopting the LIPSTICK FOOTBALL principles, you will learn to make cracks in your own glass ceiling, bust through limitations and achieve what you thought was impossible.


The principles will guide you to:

  • Take a bold leap and go after your dream

  • Discover where you shine and carpe vita—seize life!

  • Create a game plan and initiate action on your goals

  • Change your "action evolution" to produce the results you desire

  • Track your forward progress using the football "down" system

  • Get your dream into the end zone and win in life

So, whether you're a devoted fan or don't know a pigskin from a pick-six, it's time to get your head in the game, join the LIPSTICK FOOTBALL LEAGUE—and start living your best life!

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The LipstickFootball Method
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With a bold, ferocious tone, this book dares the reader to go after dreams with the grit, resilience and smarts of a championship team.

Dave H.

Joyce H.

Praise & Reviews

Your whole section on Leaping really spoke to me! When I had already “decided” to not take action that day, I said, “Put down the book and go do it!” And I did!

Justine W.

Weynand takes Xs and Os to a whole new level. She not only shares her comprehensive knowledge of football, but demonstrates in easy-to-follow fashion how to use game concepts to unlock your potential. 

Dave H.

About Diana Weynand

Diana Weynand

Diana Weynand is the creator of the fun, informative and impactful LIPSTICK FOOTBALL Method. She is an author and speaker who uses a bootcamp-style approach to her trainings and life coaching. After playing on and managing a women's tackle football team, Diana wanted to share her passion and unique vision for the value of football with those who don’t have football in their DNA. Diana teaches “football for the rest of us.” In her work as a media consultant on the cutting edge of technology, she acquired a unique ability to develop alternative methods of training, which led her to identify the 8 game-changing principles she discusses in her book. 


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"I'm taking my dream into the end zone!
Grab yours—and come join me."

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